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                    Insights On Our



                    Quality system

                    The factory has passed the IATF16949 quality system certification, and has perfect testing equipment, from raw material chemical testing-production process-optical testing-final product testing.

                    A completed quality system helps to improve the level of quality control management. It is not only reflected on a certificate, but also the most important is certified value and purpose.

                    Inspection item and Equipment

                    • Dimensions of appearance
                    • Thread accuracy
                    • Testing of surface roughness
                    • 3D contour testing
                    • Hardness measurement
                    • Plating thickness measurement
                    • Testing drive and torsion strength
                    • Measurement of verticality, concentricity, and flatness
                    • Tensile test and proof load test
                    • Chemical composition analysis
                    • Measurement of preload
                    • Friction coefficient test
                    • Torque and destruction torque
                    • Magnetic particle test
                    • Optical filter
                    • Salt spray corrosion test
                    • Dynamic measurement of thread forming torque, stripping torque and breaking torque

                    The completed tests ensure that the performance of products can meet the established requirements.

                    And relevant PPAP III documents can be provided, including MSA, SPC, PFMEA, CP and other completed documents.

                    3D Projector

                    Material spectrum analyzer


                    Universal material testing machine

                    Metallographic analyzer

                    Rockwell Hardness Tester

                    Quality Philosophy

                    QUALITY PHILOSOPHY

                    Competition on Quality

                    Quality is made by production


                    PPAP III /IMDS/ROHS Available

                    Traceability of Product Quality

                    When a bad product appears, it is very important to find out which batch it belongs to.This is a very important step for customers to determine which batch of products are at risk, so as to minimize the customers’loss and avoid unnecessary work. It also helps to substantially improve the efficiency of the recall and reduce risks.At the same time, it can also judge which program was wrong so that improvement can be carried out in the future production, thus guaranteeing the product high quality.

                    APQP, Control Plan, PFMEA Analysis

                    The product development is not only about product knowledge, software analysis, and equipment, also correct and rigorous process analysis before developing, APQP analysis and control plans, prevention measures and solutions.so as to ensure that the product quality can reach the set goal and greatly improved in mass production.

                    Goal to "0" Defect

                    Goal to "0" Defect

                    Optical + Manual sorting 0 defect as the goal

                    Foreign Parts

                    Not mixed with foreign bodies and impurities

                    Product dimension