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                    Insights On Our


                    How Solve a problem

                    Drawing Reviews

                    Rich knowledge and experience of fastening systems can help to understand the special requirements of drawings and master the accuracy of products.Provide completed, reliable and effective information, so as to use the correct technical methods to manufacture products.

                    Technique Consultation

                    Our knowledge and experience of systemic fastening is a valuable advantage in effective installation.We provide reasonable suggestions and controlling means of mechanical properties for customers' products and designs .

                    Assembled Review

                    According to the requirements of customers' products and the assembly of application products,conduct on-site inspection of product assembly and subsequent analysis, to ensure assembling integrity and improve efficiency.

                    Training Programs

                    Conduct targeted training based on customer specific needs and objectives, summarize experience in cooperation, in order to help you improve workflow efficiency .Make effective conitunuous improvement to improve quality and reduce costs.

                    Quality Control

                    Quality is the most essential in all products and services. How to control high quality level? From raw materials, production processes, final inspections to supplier audits, we have a completed operation system and inspection system to ensure high PPM values.

                    Save Costs and Improve Productivity

                    Professional technology, rich experience and innovation will provide solutions

                    with performance and cost optimization so as to improve productivity.

                    You just need focus on your next innovation.